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Product returns are accepted in the following situations: 

-Damaged product

-Product shipped doesn't match product ordered


As soon as possible after receiving a faulty product, please take a photo of the product (and packaging if damaged) and send it in an email along with your order number and a brief explanation of the issue to

Upon reciept, the case will be reviewed and once confirmed, a replacement product will be dispatched. 


While it is always the goal to have the correct prices reflected on the website, it is possible that at the time of order there is a discrepancy that could occur. For example, this could be due to a simultaneous update at the time of your order. 

If a discrepancy is discovered upon processing of your order, you will be contacted with the correct cost. If you wish to continue with the order, a PayPal payment request will be issued to make up the balance and your order will proceed as usual.  If you wish to cancel the order, your credit card will be refunded the original amount of the order. 


Joe Martinez Photography reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order. In this case, any money paid by you in relation to the order will be refunded.


All products are described as accurately as possible on this site. Any visual represenation is approximate due to slight modifications that could occr in printing. 


All processing and shipping information on this website is approximate. Joe Martinez Photography can not be held liable for any orders that are delayed or any financial losses that result (for example the purchase of a replacement product)


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